What's In Hereford(shire)

Herefordshire is a county of choice, renowned for its beauty, history, and industry. There’s a lot to love and enjoy here. But it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for if you don’t already know what’s out there. What’s In Hereford is here to fix that.

What is What's In Hereford?

The What’s In Hereford website will grow (Psst, help us here!) to be a one-stop-shop to find businesses, charities, and things to enjoy within the beautiful county of Herefordshire. This is a resource for the community to champion local businesses, find the best kept secrets across Hereford and beyond, and support the causes you care about.

This isn’t just a resource for shopping, eating, and leisure. What’s In Hereford is here to connect businesses, too, so you can find and support Herefordshire-based suppliers and services, and get to know what’s on offer.

Listings are free, to make it as accessible as possible for businesses and charities of all sizes to get seen and recognised.

What's the "catch"?

Free, what’s the catch?

There aren’t any tricks to free listings in the What’s In Hereford directory. These listings will always be free for Herefordshire businesses and charities, and visitors will always be able to see the full directory list without having to pay or register. Our aim is to offer as much value as possible to the Herefordshire community, because what helps the community thrive helps us all thrive.

The What’s In Hereford project is supported by additional premium features and other services that we offer through Kidwells Rated Ltd. These services and features include business consultancy, sponsored messages from businesses and charities listed on the site, and event tickets priced to cover our costs. We’ll have more news about all of this soon.

What we do not do and will not do is sell the data of our listings or users.

All sponsored content will be clearly marked and we hate spam as much as you do! In all ways, we want to be useful and be a resource that the people and businesses of Herefordshire trust and rely on. All the ways we support this project will be transparent.

Part of the Kidwells Group​

What’s In Hereford is a trading name of Kidwells Rated Ltd, part of the larger group of Kidwells companies. This group of companies includes Kidwells Solicitors and the Kidwells Guest House, as well as other professional services such as Kidwells Bookkeeping and Kidwells Loans. The companies are all owned and run by Director Alan Michael Kidwell-Horne, commonly known as Michael Horne.